Fair and safe casino according to Casino Guru

06 May, 2020

We are one of the only two casinos to be called fair and safe according to Casino Guru

It always makes us happy and proud when the quality of the Riobet Casino’s product and services gets recognized in the gaming industry. The latest addition to our list of accomplishments is demonstrated by a Fair & Safe Casino badge that has recently appeared at the bottom of our website. So, what have we done to earn it?
Casino Guru has created their fair gambling codex to voice their standpoint on how things should be handled by online casinos to ensure that gambling is conducted in a fair (and safe) way. In this codex, they defined two levels of possible achievements for online casinos:
·    Fair casinos, which don’t try to trick players by using unfair rules and pay out winnings to players who didn’t do anything to break the rules
·    Fair & safe casinos, which have also “implemented measures that prevent players from accidentally doing something against the rules or their own best interests”
While there are quite a few fair casinos according to Casino Guru’s definition, we are proud to say that we are currently one of only two casino sites that have met all requirements to be able to call themselves “fair & safe”. And we are one of them. That’s a very exclusive club, and it’s an honor for us to be a part of it.


Requirements for Fair & Safe Casinos

To be granted a badge of a fair & safe casino, we needed to meet a set of strict requirements. Here are the qualities that got us this badge:
·    We pay out all legitimate winnings to players.
·    We don’t have any unfair rules in T&C.
·    We don’t use deceitful practices to trick players.
·    We enforce restricted countries and only give bonuses to players from eligible countries.
·    We enforce maximum bet sizes, restricted games and other conditions related to bonus play, meaning that we don’t allow players to break bonus rules by accident.
·    We warn players if they are about to do something against their best interest.
·    We check for multiple accounts when a player is creating an account.
If you play at Riobet casino, these may seem like no-brainers to you, however, it’s fair to say that these conditions are not met by most casinos. After all, Casino Guru has reviewed more than 2500 online casinos and only two of them (at the time of writing this article) managed to pass all tests, including – yours truly – Riobet casino.

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